Auger/Thrust Boring

Auger Boring Machine is used to bore horizontally through soil with a cutting head and auger. This technique is used to install pipe casing under railroads, highways, airport runways, creeks or any area of ground that cannot be open cut or disturbed in any way.

Advantages of Auger Boring

  • Dry method of installation – does not generate slurry
  • No disruption to surface, buildings, road, river, rail or traffic
  • By boring underground the working area is confined to points of entry and exit only
  • Unaffected by surface obstacles
  • Can be used to install pipes in changeable ground conditions
  • Is quick and in many cases has lower overall costs

AEC has successfully installed Oil pipes and ducts through Auger Boring from 100mm diameter up to 500mm, in distances from 10 meters up to 50 meters under railways and roads.