Major Projects

Project Location Year Client
Oil Tanker Berth OP-IV Piping and steel structural work Keamari, Karachi 1978 KPT – Wester Pijpleidingen, Holland
Bulk Oil Storage Depot Quetta 1978 Pakistan Burmah Shell
Carbon Plant Pipri, Karachi 1982 National Petrocarbon
Fire Hydrant system Islamabad Airport 1983 Pakistan Burmah Shell
Storage tanks and Piping system Keamari, Karachi 1984 Pak Arab Refinery
Storage Depot including all Storage Tanks, Pipelines, Office Bhakkar 1986 Pakistan Burmah Shell
Storage Tanks Vehari 1988 Pakistan Burmah Shell
TLs Fill Gantry and Semi-burried Tanks Faisalabad 1989 Pakistan Burmah Shell
Revamping of Keamari Installation – Gantries, Hardstanding, and complete Piping Keamari, Karachi 1989 Pakistan Burmah Shell
Chemical Formulation Plant Keamari, Karachi 1990 Pakistan Burmah Shell
Bulk Oil Storage Depot Tarujabba, Peshawar 1990 Pakistan Burmah Shell
Fire Fighting system, Lubricant Godown, Semi-burried tanks, TLs decanting system Badamibagh, Lahore 1991 Pakistan Burmah Shell
Fire fighting and Product Piping system Chaklala, Rawalpindi 1991 Pakistan Burmah Shell
Office building, Lubricant Godown, Pump House and Tanks Dyke wall Quetta 1993 Shell Pakistan Ltd.
Product Piping System Sihala, Islamabad 1994 Pakistan State Oil
TLs Filling Facility including Gantry, Hardstanding, Pipelines Keamari, Karachi 1995 Shell Pakistan Ltd.
Tank Truck Calibration Unit KTC, Karachi 1995 Pakistan State Oil
Storage tanks with piping Keamari, Karachi 1997 Shell Pakistan Ltd.
Tank Wagon Gantry Keamari, Karachi 1998 Shell Pakistan Ltd.
Tanker discharge Pipeline 16-inch (Joint OMCs) Keamari, Karachi 1999 Shell Pakistan Ltd.
Storage tanks with piping Shikarpur 2000 Pakistan State Oil
Storage tank KTA, Karachi 2000 Pakistan State Oil
Retail Outlets Lahore 2000 Pakistan State Oil
TLs Decanting Gantry Shikarpur 2003 Shell Pakistan Ltd.
TLs Decanting Gantry Quetta 2003 Shell Pakistan Ltd.
Fire Fighting Network (Water and Foam lines) Keamari, Karachi 2003 Shell Pakistan Ltd.
HSSE and Training Building LOBP, Karachi 2004 Shell Pakistan Ltd.
Viscosity Modifying (VM) Unit LOBP, Karachi 2006 Shell Pakistan Ltd.
Hardstanding in Rail Track for Tank Wagon Gantry Keamari, Karachi 2006 Shell Pakistan Ltd.
Construction of Surface Drains for Oil Terminals – Global Environmental Management System Multiple Sites 2007 Shell Pakistan Ltd.
HSD Additive Injection Automation (Nemo 2001) Multiple Sites 2008 Shell Pakistan Ltd.
Tanks Refurbishment and Product & Foam Piping Keamari, Karachi 2009 Shell Pakistan Ltd.
Fall Arrester System for Gantries (LSR -Life Saving Rules) Multiple Sites 2010 Shell Pakistan Ltd.
Fire Fighting System QTA 2010 Pakistan State Oil
Jet Fuel additional filling facility (Jet VDT) Keamari 2010 Shell Pakistan Ltd.
New Gate & Road at LOBP LOBP KMR 2011 Shell Pakistan Ltd.
Tanks Revamping (10 tanks) LOBP KMR 2011 Shell Pakistan Ltd.
Entry Exit Ramp Machike, Lahore 2011 Shell Pakistan Ltd.
Pre-fab Shed LOBP KMR 2012 Shell Pakistan Ltd.