Swing Ladders

AEC Folding Stairs/Swing Ladders are used to bridge the distance from fixed platforms to rail/road tankers. The stairs can also be used for similar applications. Folding Stairs fulfill the Industrial Safety requirement.

The Folding Stairway has been designed to ensure safe access from fixed platforms to the top of a Road Tanker or Rail tanker to;

  • Inspect the tanker for safety & maintenance
  • Load the tanker
  • Check the load and take samples
  • Wash or de-contaminate compartment


    • Fully balanced self-leveling steps to adjust to varying tanker heights providing a firm footing for operators. Steps remain horizontal at 180 degree at any point of the slew of the Folding Stairs.
    • Fully draining non-slip MS/Aluminium grating steps.
    • Safety handrails on both sides for easy grip.

  • Handrails on both sides of the steps are always parallel to the inclination of the Folding Stairs.
  • Rubber bumper is provided to prevent sparking and reduce risk of tanker damage.
  • When folded, the stairway closes the opening in railing of the loading rack and becomes part of the railing.
  • The stairway stands vertical when not in use provided with locking device with foot pedal release.
  • Maintenance free spring cylinder and rotation joints.


HSE Compliant – Operators can access tankers Safely.

Technical Specification

Frame, railing fabricated from mild steel section.
Steps manufactured from fully draining slip free MS or Aluminium grating.
Finish: Enamel paint
Fixing: 8x18mm bolts to platform
Weight: 210kg